Distribution of the Goring Gap News

Local Distribution

We aim to deliver copies of the GGN to all households in Goring and Streatley.

Expected delivery weekends in 2018 are:
January weekend of 20/21
February weekend of 24/25
March weekend of 24/25
April weekend of 21/22
May weekend of 26/27
June weekend of 23/24
July weekend of 21/22
August weekend of 18/19
September weekend of 22/23
October weekend of 20/21
November weekend of 17/18
December weekend of 15/16

If your copy has not arrived after 5 days please contact Colin Allen on streatley@btinternet.com or 01491 873891

Extra copies can be purchased from McColls, Inspiration and Westholme Store.

Postal Subscriptions

Postal subscriptions – UK £24, Europe £54, Australia & NZ £90, Rest of world £86.

For further details contact Tim Cox on timothycox939@btinternet.com or 01491 872980